Wireless intruder alarms

Latest technology minimal fuss

Welcome to the future of home and business intruder alarms. Our new range of wireless alarm systems have some impressive features we would like to share with you. There are two stand alone control panels that are very versatile and pleasing to the eye, these can be programmed with upto 40 zones. 10 of these zones can be hardwired so if you are looking to upgrade your old alarm the existing zones could potentially be kept in service.

The external sounders are wireless but can be given a local power supply to allow for the backlight function and comfort LED’s to be kept in service to maintain a professional alarm image without the mess of visible cabling.

The systems are very user friendly and can be set/unset by inputting a traditional 4-6 digit number into the keypad, remote control keyfobs, proximity tags or by using a smartphone application that will also notify you in the event of an alarm activation.

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